August 1, 2015. Congratulations to the first recipient of the Soozie Tyrell Arts & Music Scholarship Fund, Darice Pollard. Darice, a graduate of Naples High School, is a gifted artist and illustrator. The Fund was established in 2013 by the Rotary Club of Naples, and will continue to support talented young artists and musicians in their creative endeavors. "It's a blessing to be in the position to give back what was offered to me when I was a youngster. It's important to give kids every opportunity to expand their minds. Even if a young person doesn't pursue art or music as a profession, I feel that this kind of education is paramount in improving brain power and self esteem. We all have art in our souls.. it's a huge part of being human. If we're exposed and educated in art and music, we become better human beings."- Soozie Tyrell

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